Beautiful hand crafted bowls and accessories by local Vietnamese artisans, made with love, recycled from real coconuts.

Coconut bowls are suitable for serving warm or cold food.  They are not suitable for hot food as this could crack your bowl.  Your bowl can be used for salads, snacks, dips, smoothie bowls etc.

How to Use & Care Instructions:
As these bowls are a 100% natural product there are some simple care instructions that are recommended:  Hand wash bowls in warm soapy water, do not use in the microwave, oven or fridge.
Handle with care.
Renew your coconut product with coconut oil by simply adding coconut oil to a cloth and sweeping around the INSIDE of the bowl every 10 – 20 uses. (As our bowls are left with a rustic/natural look it is not recommended to add coconut oil on the outside as this will darken the appearance)