JUST BLENDS is an Australian owned and based business on a mission to bring you the very best superfoods whilst also supporting the environment, climate change and global sustainability.

One of the ways we achieve this is by partnering with a fantastic family-run business in Vietnam that recycle the thousands of coconut shells that are discarded locally. 

Employing only local craftspeople at well above fair trade standards, they cut, sand and polish to make our shells into bowls that are food safe, reusable and can last a lifetime. We think they’re the perfect eco-friendly addition to any table.
Every coconut bowl is unique with its own shape, size, marking and imperfections, our bowls have a little more added to them with each one individually hand carved with Boho inspired designs.


Our light Coconut utensils are made from the palm wood from Coconut trees.  The Coconut Palm wood is one of the most sustainable woods on the planet. Coconut trees begin bearing fruit (coconuts) within 4 years of being planted, and they continue to produce coconuts for around 60 years before they begin to die.

Tropical Coconut plantations cut these trees down and plant new trees to begin harvesting coconuts again. This process continues in a cycle, however many plantations have no use for the trees once cut down and they are often burned as waste.

Each of our handmade coconut bowl utensils is cut, sanded and cleaned before a virgin coconut oil polish is applied. Each and every spoon and chopstick is unique with its own colour and pattern. 

Beautiful hand crafted bowls by local Vietnamese artisans,
made with love, recycled from real coconuts.

Approximate Bowl measurements:

Small Size: D is around 10cm: H is 6cm
Medium size: D is around 12cm: H is 6.5cm
Large size: D is around 15cm: H is 7.5cm

*Please note that being a natural product made by nature, no two coconuts will ever be the same in  shape, size or colour.*

How to Use & Care Instructions:
Coconut bowls are suitable for serving warm or cold food (They are not suitable for hot food as this could crack your bowl).  Your bowl can be used for salads, snacks, dips, smoothie bowls etc.

As these bowls are a 100% natural product there are some simple care instructions that are recommended:  Hand wash bowls in warm soapy water, do not use in the microwave, oven or fridge.

Handle with care.
Renew your coconut product with coconut oil by simply adding coconut oil to a cloth and sweeping around the INSIDE of the bowl every 10 – 20 uses. (As our bowls are left with a rustic/natural look it is not recommended to add coconut oil on the outside as this will darken the appearance)