Just Blends started from a passion for health, fitness and the colour pink! We started with our freeze dried pink pitaya powder, something that was a little bit different and which became a huge hit thanks to the support and love of our Just Blender community.

Over time we realised that we wanted to provide our community with more. We wanted to them to channel their inner unicorn and #eattherainbow. So we became obsessed with sourcing the most colourful, unique and premium natural supplements that were really, really good for you.  

With the addition of our butterfly pea flower powder, matcha, blue spirulina and activated coconut charcoal our little business evolved to become something more magical. Everyday we are amazed with the creativity of our community and their #supercharged creations. 

So we hope you join us, channel your inner unicorn and #eattherainbow with us.



I created Just Blends to inspire people to make healthier life choices with a bit of fun! Being healthy does not mean eating boring green salads all day, every day. Channel your inner unicorn and #eattherainbow with our range of rainbow superfood powders. Enjoy things like electric pink sushi, purple smoothies, blue tea, or a detoxifying black nicecream.

My passion for a healthy lifestyle grew out of witnessing my late father suffer from his unhealthy lifestyle choices. After he passed away, I became determined to inspire others to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Just Blends is not about having a 'perfect' diet but about balance in your diet and lifestyle. Like many people, I haven’t always eaten healthily and do not eat 100% “clean”. After getting sick of super restrictive diets and the way it made me feel, I now believe eating in moderation with a treat every now and then. Whilst I may be a bit curvier, I am so much happier and have so much more energy. That's what counts at the end of the day! So yes, you will see the odd treat on the Just Blends blog.

I hope Just Blends will inspire you to have a bit of fun with healthier life choices. After all, life shouldn’t be so serious.

Steph xx

You can follow my foodie journey at @rainbowsfrobreakfast_