Doubly Supercharged Strawberry Daifuku Mochi

Doubly Supercharged Strawberry Daifuku Mochi
Daifuku mochi is a popular Japanese sweet. They are pretty much soft mochi dumplings stuffed with a sweet filling. Keeping in line with our Japanese them week, we made some strawberry daifuku mochi by filling our daifuku mochi with fresh strawberries. Whilst we did add refined sugars, we kinda made up for that by combining our 2 favourite superfood powders – our pitaya powder (of course) and matcha powder 
We made two variations just to keep things interesting. These were:
  • Pitaya mochi filled with matcha white bean paste
  • Matcha mochi filled with pitaya white bean paste
    It was a little bit tricky to wrap but they were so delicious! They did not last long at all.
    Makes 8 pitaya mochi and 8 matcha mochi



    Pitaya/Matcha White Bean Paste

    1 can of butter beans, about 270g of butter beans when drained
    100gs raw sugar
    80g rice bran oil
    1 tsp Just Blends pitaya powder
    1 tsp matcha powder
    16 fresh strawberries


    Pitaya/Matcha Mochi Skin

    50g glutinous rice flour x 2
    50g sugar x 2
    100ml water x 2
    ½ tsp Just Blends pitaya powder (for pitaya flavoured)
    ½ tsp matcha powder (for matcha flavoured)
    Potato starch for dusting



    Pitaya/Matcha White Bean Paste

    1. Rinse the butter beans and place them in a food processor and process them until smooth and creamy like.
    2. Put the bean paste in a pan on medium heat and heat for about 2 mins whilst stiring.
    3. Add the raw sugar and keep stirring until the sugar is melted.
    4. Add the oil to the mixture and keep stirring until the paste starts to dry up a bit. This can take a while. It took us about 15 mins to get it to the consistency we wanted.
    5. Split the mixture into 2 and put into separate bowls
    6. In one bowl add the pitaya powder and mix with a spoon until well incorporated.
    7. Do the same with the other mixture but add the matcha powder instead
    8. Set aside in the fridge whilst you prepare the strawberries
    9. Cut the tops off the strawberries
    10. Remove the white bean paste from the fridge and cover the strawberries in the paste, rounding it out into a ball.
    11. Set aside in the fridge while you now make the mochi skin

      Pitaya/Matcha Mochi Skin

      1. To make the pitaya mochi skin, put the glutinous rice flour, sugar, water and pitaya powder in a microwaveable bowl and mix until well combined.
      2. Cover the bowl with cling film and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes.
      3. Once done, take out the microwave, mix the mixture with a spoon and heat again for another 2 minutes.
      4. Continue this process until the mixture becomes almost transparent.
      5. Spread the potato starch on to a plate and spoon the mochi skin on the starch
      6. Divide into 8 pieces
      7. To make the matcha mochi skin, repeat the above steps but substitute the pitaya powder with the matcha powder.


        1. Flatten out one of the pitaya mochi pieces and wrap it over one of the matcha white bean paste balls. Repeat with the remaining 7 pieces.
        2. Repeat with the matcha mochi pieces and the pitaya white bean paste balls.
          Enjoy xx

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